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Boulder County cyclist Rebecca Johnson has, for the past 18 years, expressed her passion for long distance pedaling during the Tour de France by logging a good chunk of the famous race’s mileage on her own local mission. A personal challenge, to be sure, but she also has seen it as an opportunity to raise awareness for community causes. Her yearly endeavor has earned the moniker “Tour de Bad Ass”, and this year is no exception. 

This year, Rebecca is riding 1,074 miles in 21 days to raise money to support the family of another kindred “BadAss”- Julietta Laurita-Smith who lost her battle with brain cancer March 4th, 2019.

  Rebecca was drawn to Julietta’s kind spirit when they met at a local coffee shop years ago, and a special friendship was born. 

During the 2019 tour, a favorite necklace of Julietta’s (pictured above) will accompany anyone that wants to ride any part of this tour with Rebecca and proudly earn the title of "Honorary BadAss".

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Julietta Laurita-Smith was diagnosed out of nowhere with a glioblastoma brain tumor in October of 2017, after a grand mal seizure.  Julietta went through radiation, several rounds of chemotherapy, many experimental and proven adjunct therapies, diets, supplements and treatments.  Sadly, Julietta passed on March 4th, 2019 at the age of 19.   The March Forth foundation has been created in her honor.

 "Love is perfection" - Julietta

March Forth

 March Forth's ongoing mission is to keep Julietta’s memory alive through projects that cultivate and affirm the independent thinking, resilience, compassion and creative expression of young adults and teens through the arts. 

March Forth

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During the 18 months since her devastating diagnosis,  Julietta’s family was completely devoted to her care, and accumulated  numerous medical bills and other costs associated with caring for a loved one with brain cancer.   Julietta’s family are now faced with the burden of struggling financially while carrying heavy grief.    One of the more heartbreaking aspects of cancer is the responsibilities and costs that continue even after the loss of the loved one.  One of the most important being grief therapy for Julietta's younger brother Nikolai; an amazing son, brother and person.

"I just hurt inside without her" - Nikolai

Donations to the Julietta Laurita Smith Go Fund Me campaign will be given directly to her family, to help defray these costs. 

If you choose to donate, please do so in the name of Tour de BadAss so that Becky can send you a personal thank you note.

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